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Client: State of The Art

Focus: Brand Management | Website Design | Social Media Promotion | Product Manufacturing | Order Processing

"Look no further, these guys are just the best at what they do. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable and innovative. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted but a quick conversation and the guys produced something exceptional. You have a customer for life here and I'll sing your praises to anyone who will listen. Thank you!"

Artist Chris Shea was born and raised in the London borough of Croydon, creating and sharing his amazing talents from an exceptionally young age. However, in most recent events his fame has skyrocketed thanks to the infamous “Rainbow Boy” murals, sprayed across the borough, from houses to business and more. Since then, he has commissioned this work and sold large quantities of prints and stickers to raise funds for the NHS, eventually reaching an astonishing total of £26,000. In the past, he has also used his skills to raise funds for numerous other charities who are incredibly gratuitous for the work he has put in such as The Royal British Legion and Cancer Research UK.

Due to this fame and support forthe NHS during a desperate time throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he was featured in various news and media outlets across the world. State of The Art has now become renowned for “Rainbow Boy” and Chris has taken this opportunity to further himself as an artist, immerse himself in creation and allow his passion to flourish, alongside his inspirational son, “Rainbow Boy” (Harrison).

An eccomerce website was initially created to be used as a platform to gain a wider audience for his products and future pieces of art, these products were then manufactured in house such as prints, clothing, masks and canvases and placed onto the site by our team. The orders that came through this new website were processed and shipped by The Premium Group and marketed on social media by our marketing team. The Premium Group gave State of The Art a platform to flourish and expand.

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