Why You Should Not Use A DIY Website Builder

March 15, 2021

DIY Website Builders are generally described by industry experts as wolves in sheep's clothing and like so many things, it is not what's outside, but what is inside that counts.

Whilst it is easy to be fooled by the 'cheap' cost and 'easy' nature of designing your own website, buyers are finding out the hard way that all is not as it seems.

Looking past the initial pull of the DIY Website Building platform it soon becomes clear that premium features come at premium prices and let us be clear, these features aren't very premium at all, in fact one would argue they are essential for building a reputable website.

But that's not the worst of it.

Looking under the shiny skin of the DIY website lurks something much more sinister.

Let's put our x-ray goggles on for a second and examine how Internet search engines view DIY websites.

Let's use Google as an example. When Google asks its many spider bots to crawl the web to find and index new websites or updates to old websites, they crawl at supersonic speed, they have a lot of ground to cover daily, luckily a language called 'code' is spoken by both the spider bot and the website which makes this task much easier for Google.

Here comes the sinister part... The majority of code spoken by DIY websites is not understood by the spider bot that is sent to crawl them. Why? Well put simply,  in order to make it easy for you to build a website it also makes it near on impossible to use a code that is easy for search engines to interpret and in most cases not understand at all.

Professional Website Developers should have extensive knowledge on coding, the Internets key to communication.

HTML, CSS, Javascript are three popular examples.

A professional website will be clearly and cleanly written in both HTML and CSS coding with the odd use of Javascript to make use of third party tools or media.

Googles spider bot understands clear HTML and CSS instructions and can take this knowledge back home in to display it in its search listings.

Googles spider bot is practically blind to Javascript code. These parts of the website will be noted but not indexed as they are of little to no value in order to index the website.

Javascript code can create some beautiful tools and media for a websites audience but in order gather an audience you first need to sell some tickets...

So what's the problem?

Well. In order to be found on the world wide web, you need to be listed on it. That's rule number one in website development.

The majority of DIY website builders use the Javascript code across its building platform, remember this is the code that Googles spider bot does not understand.

Why do they use this code then?

The reason is their main selling point, the 'Ease of use' pitch. They sell the dream that anyone who can use a computer can build a website.

The problem is even before you have begun your journey into website promotion, DIY website builders have already skipped rule number one, it can't be easily found on Google. Anything from this point onwards is rendered useless.

If you are considering a DIY website builder for your new website then you should also consider that your new website won't be seen.